Computer Vision

Case Studies and Solutions

Image Classification

Image classification refers to a computer vision technique that allows machine learning models to classify images into one of predefined classes. This is one of the foundational components in solving many computer vision-based problems such as medical imaging, object identification in satellite images, traffic control systems, brake like detection, machine vision, and more.  

Potential Applications: Machine Vision, Object Identification

Object Detection

Object detection is a computer vision technique that uses deep learning methods for locating instances of objects in images and videos. Objection detection is one of the foundational building blocks for several vision based applications like face detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian counting, image based searching, security systems, and driverless cars

Potential Applications: Face Detection, Automated Driving, Security Systems

Caption generation from Image

Caption generation from image refers to the process of recognizing the important parts of an image, and automatically generating relevant captions for the same. It combines the knowledge of computer vision and natural language processing.  

Potential Applications: Image Description