Hospitality and Travel

Case Studies and Solutions

Demand Modeling

Travel demand modeling use machine learning models on past data to better understand customer travel behavior to predict future travel patterns and capacity requirements.  A better understanding of travel demand helps hospitality and travel industry in better planning and procurement of resources.

Potential Applications: Capacity Planning, Resource Procurement

Price Optimization

Price point optimization uses machine learning models to determine how customers will respond to different prices of a product or services through different channels. It aims to maximize profitability by using market and consumer data to find a balance between value and profit.

Potential Applications: Airlines, Hospitality, Insurance

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Converting potential customers and retaining existing customers remains the backbone of any Hospitality based business. Machine learning models remain the key ingredient for building such predictive models, that can mine through huge amounts of data to generate effective recommendations for retaining customer loyalty, thereby leading to conversions and retention. 

Potential Applications: Customer Conversion, Customer Retention