Case Studies and Solutions


Since every user has a different set of likes and dislikes, Personalization helps you keep your audience engaged and involved with your content. On Social Media, Personalization can be used in targeted messaging, ad targeting, posts, and videos. 

Potential Applications: Ad targeting, User Engagement, Targeted Messaging


On e-commerce websites, recommendations are algorithmic suggestions made by Machine Learning models that automatically showcase relevant products for customers to buy. Through targeted recommendations, one can greatly increase user engagement and conversion

Potential Applications: User Engagement, Ad Revenue


One of the biggest aims for targeted marketing is to increase revenue by promoting products/services that are most relevant to its customers. Identification of customer specific product that has a higher chance of conversion requires using sophisticated machine learning models. 

Potential Applications: Revenue Increase, Targeted Advertising

Cross Selling

Cross selling involves selling products that are related or are complementary to the product/service currently being purchased by the customer. Machine Learning models play a key role in personalizing recommendations and targeted advertising by automatically identifying products that have a higher chance of conversion. 

Potential Applications: Cross Selling, Upselling