Case Studies and Solutions

Online Healthcare Services

Using machine learning models healthcare providers can continuously monitor patients data from wearable devices and provide adaptive diagnoses and support, thereby improving the whole patient experience and reducing professional burnouts. ML models can also generate tailored health education articles and provide support with counseling and mental health services. 

Potential Applications: Wearable Device Monitoring, Health Resources, Counseling and Mental Health Services

Preventive Healthcare

Healthcare providers can use machine learning models for precision medicine which predicts which treatment protocols are most likely to succeed on a patient based on various patient attributes and the treatment context. Machine learning models also allows healthcare professionals with data-driven clinical decision supports.

Potential Applications: Precision Medicine, Clinical Decision Systems, Triage Support

Interactive Healthcare Knowledgebase

Healthcare professionals can use NLP models to understand and classify clinical documentations. These models can analyze unstructured clinical notes, and compare them with patient data to support physicians with better patient care. Healthcare professionals can also use NLP models to create tailored list of articles for patient counseling and support. 

Potential Applications: Counseling and Mental Health, Triage Support, Clinical Decision Support Systems