Deep Learning

Case Studies and Solutions

Text Classification

Classify Posts, Blogs, Comments, News Articles, and other forms of textual data  into different categories. Machine Learning algorithms are used for Text Classification which will extract meaningful data from these websites. 

Potential Applications: Classification of Text into different Topics, Sentiment Analysis, Identification of Trending Topics

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots that are powered by machine learning algorithms can automatically engage and respond to user queries. They offer customers a more personalized way to access information by understand their queries, and formulating an accurate response based on the context of the conversation

Potential Applications: Customer Support, Sales and User Engagement

Recommendations and Personalization

Recommendations are algorithmic suggestions made by Machine Learning models for users to follow, pages to subscribe to, posts to read, and products to buy. Through targeted recommendations, one can greatly increase user engagement and retention

Potential Applications: User Engagement, Ad Revenue


Not all search engines are created equal. Having a customized search engine allows users to find content easily on your website. We use Machine Learning models to understand Semantic intent of queries to surface content that is semantically relevant to the user query

Potential Applications: Content Discovery, Semantic Search