Government and Defense

Case Studies and Solutions

Data Driven Policy Decisions

Government agencies generate and collect huge amounts of data that can provide evidence-based, nonpartisan insights into creating policies. Machine learning models can employ best-in-class algorithms and analytical tools to derive value out of this data, thereby helping government agencies in creating objective, unbiased policies. 

Potential Applications: e-Governance, Smart Governance

Predictive Modeling for Defense

Cyber security and surveillance remains one of the key areas where machine learning models can make a big difference. For cybersecurity systems, machine learning models can stamp out cyber threats by pattern detection, learning from previous attacks, mapping real-time crime, and responding to changing behavior. Similarly, for surveillance technology, machine learning models allow government agencies to maintain public order, anticipate and meet social needs, and respond to market trends and consumer demand. 

Potential Applications: Cyber Security, Online Surveillance

Smarter e-Governance

Government programs generate huge amounts of data that can be analyzed to measure effectiveness of current schemes, and to help design evidence-based upcoming schemes that are unbiased and work towards betterment of the society. 

Potential Applications: Smart Governance

Social Media Monitoring

Social media acts as a mirror to the society and highlights the issues and concerns of the citizens. By monitoring social media platforms, government can stay abreast of issues effecting its citizens. Moreover, monitoring of social media platforms can also help with a timely response to civil unrest, and spreading of false news. 

Potential Applications: Civil Unrest, Fake News, Online Monitoring